3D Printing Canada

3D Printing Canada is a subsidiary of N3 Technologies Inc. which is an Industrial Design company. 3d Printing Canada is one of the best providers of 3D printers and filaments in Canada. We provide our customers with various services related to both professional and home-based 3D printers’ maintenance, supplies and training. No matter if you are a business or an individual hobbyist, we cater to the needs of all kinds.

BrandSubTypeSizeCharacisticsFilament Diameter (mm)Width (mm)Diameter (mm) (Inner/core/outer)Weight (g)
3D Printing CanadaEuro Line225
3D Printing CanadaNEAT Line240
3D Printing CanadaStandard Line240
3D Printing CanadaValue Line230

Website: 3dprintingcanada.com


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